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Java Developer (Application Development)
Leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking, securities, investment management and wealth management services


  • Providing direction and best practices for architecting applications
  • Working with application teams to identify and adopt the best solutions for use cases.
  • Increasing our involvement in the Open Source projects that we rely on
  • Restructuring and improving our proprietary libraries to support more modern architectures


  • Deep knowledge of Java, including multithreading, JVM internals
  • Solid understanding of data-structures, algorithms and other CS fundamentals
  • Expertise in multi-threaded programming
  • Natural inclination to dig beneath the surface to understand how things work, why they are a certain way and what the design trade-offs are
  • In depth knowledge of Spring/Spring-Boot, including internals, networking (eg TCP, HTTP), Google Protocol Buffers, XML, SOAP, REST APIs, databases, multi-threading and low-latency techniques


  • Common Java Open-Source libraries like Camel, Swagger, OpenAPI
  • Service discovery services, eg ZooKeeper, and their client API’s, eg Curator
  • Microservice gateway’s such as Zuul, Spring Cloud Gateway
  • Performance benchmarking and analysis tools such as JMH, Censum
  • Experience and knowledge wider than Java helps debugging, integration and with non pure Java tasks: Linux, C++, dynamic languages, JVM languages like Scala, RDBMS, KDB, nosql

What they offer

  • Challenging work and outstanding career development
  • Competitive compensation package
  • High standard working conditions
  • Multinational environment

Send your English CV via e-mail to hr@pearlhunt.hu

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