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Java Developer
Leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking, securities, investment management and wealth management services
Regular / Senior

About the team

They are a small, multidisciplinary global team of highly skilled developers whose role is to set the technical direction for application development within the firm, collaborate with firm developers to encourage adoption of best practices and provide specialised proprietary libraries. This provides a unique insight into how Java, and other languages, are used in large scale enterprise solutions and the types of problems that occur with deployments of this size.


  • Design and implement the next generation of their Java proprietary libraries, tools and components to support more modern architectures
  • Provide direction and define best practices for designing modern applications for all the firms Java developers
  • Work with application teams to identify and adopt the best solutions for their use cases
  • Provide technical solutions to adopting new techniques and libraries which interface with existing deployments
  • Increasing their involvement in the Open Source projects that they rely on


  • A passion for technology and an interest in challenging themselves
  • Deep knowledge of Java, including multithreading, JVM internals
  • Solid understanding of data-structures, algorithms and other CS fundamentals
  • Expertise in concurrent programming
  • Experience with Spring/Spring-Boot, including knowledge of implementations
  • Natural inclination to dig beneath the surface to understand how things work, why they are a certain way and what the design trade-offs are


  • Common Java Open-Source libraries like Guava, Netty, Jetty, Hibernate, H2, Hikari, Spring-fox, Junit, Mockito
  • Service discovery services, e.g. ZooKeeper, and their client API's, e.g. Curator
  • Microservice gateways such as Zuul, Spring Cloud Gateway
  • Performance benchmarking and analysis tools such as JMH, Censum
  • Experience and knowledge wider than Java helps debugging, integration and with non pure Java tasks: Linux, C++, dynamic languages, JVM languages like Kotlin, RDBMS, R2DBC, NoSQL

What they offer

  • Opportunity to challenge yourself by solving some of the biggest technical challenges at the company
  • Chance to be at the forefront of the company's adoption of latest Java platforms, tools and techniques
  • Insight into how Java is used in large scale enterprise deployments through collaborations with multiple teams across the firm
  • Opportunity to look 'under the hood' - how, why and what if are questions that they answer on a daily basis

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